Monday, December 5, 2011

Thankful for Miracles!

A friend on Facebook recently shared this sad story about a family in our hometown who recently lost everything in a fire.  It really makes you count your blessings and remember what is truly important in life.  If I were home right now, I would be hugging and squeezing my babies and husband!  Please join me in praying for this family:

As you can see from their blog, they are missionaries scheduled to return to Africa next year with their three young children.  They are also both nurses who give selflessly to others everyday of their lives.  My heart breaks for the many memories they have lost in this fire because I am so attached to the photographs and memorabilia of my children and family.  The loss of those items is tragic, but the loss of any of their lives would be unimaginable.  Thank you, God, for keeping this family safe!  Please help me to remember that every blessing I have comes from you and can be taken in a second, and please help me remember to always keep you first in my life and remember that treasures on earth are not what we are meant to treasure most. 

If you can and are willing, you can find out how you can help this family by visiting their church's website here:

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