Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11-01 ~ 10 years later!

 As I remembered that tragic day 10 years ago and watched all the footage shown again from those dreadful events, I had a few thoughts cross my mind.  My first thought was "How can I explain this to my children so they understand the importance of remembering this day?"  I mean, they didn't live through it, but it has certainly impacted their lives.  Our nation and society changed after that day and will never be the same...some may say for the better and others may say for the worse.  It is like me and others my age trying to remember the events of Pearl Harbor or the assassination of President Kennedy or the civil rights movement or some other major event that changed the course of our nation's history.  Those buildings fell and left gaping holes in all of our hearts as well as in the topography of New York City.  We learned to fear terrorism on a whole new level that day.  We learned to stand united together when faced with adversity and hate.  Then, I pondered what was the bigger tragedy -- the events of that day or the fact that the unity we all felt immediately following that day not lasting.  Did we lose the unity that was born out of the tragedy?  Did it last a week?  A month?  A year?  Does it follow a political party or a president or some other public figure like Mayor Guiliani?  What should we take away from our experience as a nation on that dreadful day?  Perhaps that our unity should come from some place greater than ourselves.  That we should fill the hole left by those planes that crashed with something beyond what mortal man can provide.  Our healing and our comfort can only come from above.  God is the only one who can heal our hearts and fill the void that sadness and hatred created.  He was there that day the towers fell, and He is with us all today!  Sometimes tragedies must happen to wake up His people and get them to stop and listen.  Let's all stop and listen to the gentle whisper of God's love! 

This is actually a picture I created after the events occurred. 

Oh and Happy 300th post to me!  I thought it was pretty neat that such a historic post as the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 would be my 300th post.  Here's to 300 more!

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