Sunday, September 11, 2011

Evan's 1st Day of Pre-K!

 Well, Evan started his new school today as a pre-kindergartner.  I'm thankful this is just pre-k because I will be all to pieces next year when my baby starts big school!  He was so happy to get back to school and meet all his new friends.  He seemed to have a really good week and loved taking his lunch to school.  Ugh, that one's a challenge because he is pretty picky.  He doesn't really eat sandwiches except peanut butter yet although he loves any fruit, cheese, and carrots.  He may have to start trying some new things to keep from being bored with his lunch.  He usually doesn't have time to eat it all anyway, but he comes home at 12:30 so he just finishes it then. 

Carrying his big bag into school.  His school gives the kids school bags to use. 

Washing hands is the first item on the agenda. 

Then it's time to sign in. 

He already knows how to write his name (since before he was 3), but this is good practice.

His first activity of the day was shape making.

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