Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Busy Day with Mom

Daddy had to leave us early this morning so Mommy had to step up and take some time off work to perform her motherly (and fatherly) duties today.  Of course, she loved every minute since these days are so rare in her often crazy and hectic schedule.  Although we do have a full-time nanny now, Mommy still needed to be here for other reasons.  One, Evan had his 4 year check up, and there is no way the nanny could have handled that one.  He had to have 4 shots including his flu shot, and it was not an easy one.  He was so mad after the first two shots in one arm, that it took some coaxing to get him to cooperate for the second two shots in his other arm.  Ugh, it gets way more difficult the older they get.  After the doctor appointment, Mommy had to treat her big boy to a special lunch date at Chick-fil-a.  After we ordered and sat down with our food, Evan insisted he was cold inside so we moved to the outdoor play area to eat.  After he ate his meal, I had to encourage him to get him to play a little bit with a little girl who really wanted him to play with her.  Ha!  I probably do have the only 4 year old boy in the world who has to be coaxed to go and play.  He is always a little cautious and more hesitant than most boys so I had to convince him he was perfectly capable of climbing the play structure by himself.  Anyway, he let loose and enjoyed himself after that.  After a few minutes playing, we had to get back home because Mommy did not like leaving Brody when she could have a few extra hours with him.  Plus, we had some workers at the house installing a new AC unit and new duct work so she wanted to be there in case they needed anything.  The lack of AC in the house does prove to be a problem when you have kids.  Fortunately, our neighbor had a window unit we could use in our bedroom to allow us to sleep comfortably, but the rest of the house is just miserable.  We weren't able to hide away in the bedroom today because the work involved getting into the attic which requires access through the ceiling right outside our bedroom door.  We had to stay out of the upstairs to avoid the mess.  Needless to say, no one got a nap!  The afternoon went reasonably well although it did pass by too fast for Mommy between feeding and playing with Brody and keeping out of the way of the workers.  After the workers left, we had to rush to get ready and get Evan to his soccer practice.  After that practice, we rushed home to get a quick dinner and get the boys washed and ready for bed.  As I lie here in bed with my little snuggle bunnies clean, fed, and sleeping next to me (for the moment), I am thankful for the wonderful day we spent together.  Mostly, I am thankful for the conversations with my 4 year old.  On the way to his doctor and at lunch, he filled me up with some delightful tidbits of information that I just have to record for his future enjoyment:

  • He finally told me about some of his friends from school.  Thankfully, his teachers prepared a sweet little book with the pictures and names of his classmates to help them learn their friends' names.  He had brought the book home yesterday so we had been looking at the pictures and names and learning all about them.  Evan's teacher had told Daddy that Evan plays with a little boy named Daniel the most so we got to see that picture.  Evan loves to say the name "Alejandro" because he thinks it is funny.  Whenever he sees a picture of his classmate Logan, he says:  "He's always mad in the morning!"  Haha!  I guess that one's not a morning person either. 
  • He then proceeded to discuss some possibilities for his and Brody's Halloween costumes.  That is a big deal to him.  He wants them to dress up together but can't really decide what to be.  He thinks they could be big brother and baby stegosauruses because he always says we are a family of stegosauruses.  Stegosaurus has become his favorite dinosaur...replacing good ol' T.Rex.  He has also suggested being a pirate again and letting Brody be his pirate ship.  Ha!  I have tried to convince him Brody could be his parrot instead.  A cowboy and his horse is another possibility. 
  • Another funny thing he said and did today was telling me he wanted 11 pancakes this morning and then telling me he wanted us to have 11 babies.  Haha!  11 is now his favorite number. 
  • The funniest thing he said and did today was probably this afternoon after we had returned home and Evan had been roaming around the house and observing the workers.  I caught him walking around carrying his old cell phone (an old one we had given him as a baby to play with) and holding it to his ear and talking fervently into the phone.  I listened closely and could catch some of the gist of the "conversation."  He was obviously playing "bossman" and telling someone they "better get that water turned on."  I heard some other mumblings which may or may not have been some curse words, but I was not going to draw attention to that one in hopes that he was not aware what he was saying and would not repeat them.  He then proceeded to get frustrated and threw the cell phone down on the floor.  Apparently, his employees were not listening to him.  He was then seen carrying the cell phone around in his pocket and keeping a careful eye on the work going on.  Oh my!  I'm not sure if this was the first experience Evan had with what he thinks are "real men" and has some new heroes or what! 

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