Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bragging on my AMAZING husband!

Kudos to my husband because this post is all about how wonderful he is! In over 8 years of marriage, he has just gone way above and beyond the duties of husband. When we first got married, I was a typical young bride of 22 with a lot to learn about managing a household and caring for a family. Luckily, God gave me a few months to practice being a housewife before I started a new career in the new area where I moved after marrying Eddie. When we got married, I was fresh out of college with little experience on my own. I had been working for a few years through college, and I had looked over my parents’ house for them while living at home but that was the extent of my experience. I had a lot to learn…not the least of which was cooking. I am not a great chef. In fact, I really don’t even enjoy cooking. I did pretty well cooking my first dinners for my husband as long as I stuck to recipes, but I really hated it. I tried so hard to make my husband’s favorite meals (homemade manicotti, fried chicken, pork chops, etc.), and he was so loving and appreciative. I was better at housecleaning since I am such a neat freak and OCD when it comes to cleanliness. Our little old house with its old shag carpeting and used furniture was always clean. I was also very meticulous with managing our finances. After I found work outside the home, I had to commute a long way to work every day so Eddie graciously took over the meal preparations so that dinner would be ready at a decent hour (eating at 9:00 at night wasn’t a healthy lifestyle). I still kept up the housecleaning and financial responsibilities because those were areas I could handle although Eddie still helped me a lot with cleaning and laundry. He was also feeding us some pretty awesome meals since he loves watching the Food Network and trying out new recipes. After the kids came along, he became even more awesome. With Evan, he could sit and soothe and rock him in the evening when he was fussy or would take off from work when I couldn’t to stay home when he was sick or needed to go to the doctor. I can trust him completely with our babies; he’s even better than me at some things! Going back to work after our babies were born was hard on me, but it helped to know they had a good Daddy who would always be there for them too. When I decided to go back to school at night, we both knew it was going to be a sacrifice for all of us. I would miss a lot of precious time with my children, but Eddie promised to make sure that I had as much free time with the kids as possible. He has kept his promise by taking on more responsibilities in our household while still working his day job (that is often also an evening job when he is on call for fires). He cooks, cleans, does laundry, feeds babies, bathes babies, plays with babies, teaches babies good manners and other lessons often taught by mommies, and tells babies how much Mommy misses and loves them when she’s not there. When Mommy has class at night, Daddy has the babies all bathe and ready for bed when she gets home so all she has to do is cuddle them and feed Brody.

Although I know school isn’t going to last forever (only 2 more years), I never want to forget how wonderful my husband has always been to me and our family through all of these hard times (and good times). I don’t know what I would do without him! I know that other women praise their husbands, but I truly do not know even one who does as much as mine and asks for so little in return. I am not an easy person to live with and put up with. I often have a quick and irrational temper when I am frustrated or tired. I am extremely OCD and like things done to my specifications. We are total opposites on so many levels! He is calm and gentle while I am fiery and impatient. He is exactly what I need. I couldn’t imagine another man on the planet who could and would put up with me! There’s a confession if I’ve ever seen one!

This all came out today because of all that my wonderful husband is doing to insure that his family has a wonderful little vacation this long weekend. Yesterday, he came to eat lunch with me and take me to the bank, cleaned the whole house, did laundry, and took Evan to get his hair cut. When I got home from work, he helped me get the kids ready for bed and pack all of our stuff. Today, while I am working, he is loading the car, taking Brody to the doctor for his 4 month check up and shots, and then loading the kids in the car to come get me at work so we can head out to the beach early. We all look forward to this trip every year and are so excited! We also are looking forward to sharing some memories with the grandparents too! I want to look back on this post 10 years from now and think “WOW! What a man I have!”

Oh, I almost forgot...HE'S REALLY SEXY TOO!  ;-)


  1. Thanks, Celia! He's amazing! I know you know that it is great to have a husband you can count on! (Seeing if I can post to my own blog since I can't seem to post to anyone else's.)


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