Thursday, August 11, 2011

Videos Videos Videos!

 Video:  We love making this baby laugh.  Daddy finds all of Brody's tickle spots!

Video:  Mommy makes Brody laugh by telling him she's going to get him and then blowing raspberries on his neck and cheeks. 

Video:  Evan is getting very good at riding his bike these days.  Thank goodness we have a little cul-de-sac across the street from our house.

Video:  What kid doesn't love a bounce house?  Evan had a ball bouncing with his school friends at Micah's birthday party.

Video:  Evan loves to make up jokes.  Most of his jokes are so silly and even though they don't really make sense, we can't help but laugh.  While in the car, he made this one up that started out pretty straight forward but got sillier and sillier the more he said it.  It started out something like "Here's a stack of pancakes that a chef made.  I hope you like them cause they're going on your face."  He started adding "Giddy up, pancakes" in there at the end too...haha!

Video:  Brody can hold his rattle now!  Toys, here we come! 

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