Monday, July 25, 2011

Mothers are Poets too!

Well, I don't know about all mothers, but I know that motherhood just seems to bring out the poet in me.  I have never been a great creative writer, and I do not profess to be here.  However, before Evan was a year old, he inspired me to write the following poem which now resides in his scrapbook:

Lying in my arms
With your eyes so big and bright,
I longed to give you love
To comfort you in the darkest night.

You have given me so much
With your innocence and grace,
And I wish to show you how
I cherish your sweet little face.

Every day is a new adventure
Memories we'll treasure forever
The wonderful blessings of life
To show you is my greatest endeavor.

For now, I'll watch you grow
And give thanks to our almighty Lord
For He gave me this beautiful gift
And great is my reward!

And now, I have been inspired again to write a poem to my little Brody to tell him how special he is:

The second son is never second best;
He is loved as much as any of the rest.
Because he brings so much joy
As our special little boy.

From your cute little nose
To your tiny little toes,
You are loved much more
Than the heights eagles soar.

What a gift from above,
Created by love.
We hope you'll always know
How we adore you so.

Life is now as sweet
As your cute little feet,
And we wish to thank our Lord
For you, our precious reward.

Written with love by Mommy

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