Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sleepover Time

The story behind this post is a little lengthy.  My brother and his family are relocating to another house still close to us but a better fit for their still growing family (4th child due in June).  The week before they were to move in, my brother called the water company to have the water cut on to the new house.  They were supposed to wait until he was at the house but insisted they needed to cut it on when he was only about 10 minutes from the house so he told them to go ahead.  When he arrived at the house, he got a huge surprise.  Apparently, a pipe had burst in the attic and a waterfall was pouring down from the attic through the second and first stories of the house ruining carpet, hardwood floors, drywall and ceilings.  It was a nightmare!  Since they had already made all the preparations to move in that weekend, they had to continue with the plan while the house was under major repairs.  Big Servpro machines hooked up to dry out the house were set up everywhere.  They got everything moved into the few rooms in the house not damaged and prepared to spend several nights in a hotel until the house was at least functional again.  Once the water pipe was fixed and the water could be turned on, they spent their first nights in the house this week but can still only utilize 3 rooms for a family of 5.  To help them de-stress a little on Friday night and to give cousin Lanny a little fun, we let him come home with us.  Evan was so excited to have his first sleepover.  After dinner, we brought the boys home and prepared them for bed.  It was a little late already, but we had to let them play a little while in Evan's room before lights out.  We weren't sure how the sleeping arrangements would go because Evan can be a little hard to sleep with since he likes to turn himself sideways in the bed and kick.  They settled down and snuggled up in Evan's Star Wars sheets and fell asleep pretty quickly.  We didn't hear a peep until around 6 a.m. when Evan got up for his bathroom visit and climbed in our bed to "get warm."  He always kicks his covers off and ends up getting cold at night.  We kept him in our bed so as not to wake Lanny too early.  I heard Lanny hit the floor at about 8:00 a.m. so I went in to check on him.  He was back in the bed but still awake so I asked him if he wanted to watch some cartoons for a little bit.  Once they both were up, they enjoyed a yummy breakfast of pancakes and orange juice while watching Evan's favorite new show, Transformers Prime.  They played hard all morning until we met Uncle Paul and Aunt Jessica for lunch.  We think the first sleepover was a success and look forward to having the other kids over next time. 

Playing in Evan's room before bedtime! 

Always have to have the light sabres for these boys!

Future astronauts prepare for their first launch.

Lanny flies around Evan's little universe.

Snug as bugs in a rug!

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