Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Almost 4 Year Old

 Evan's birthday is quickly approaching, and Mommy is in planning mode for the big celebration.  I have been wanting to write down some of our almost four year old's accomplishments from this past year so that I can remember the important details.  He has really become such a little man this past year and pretty much all of his baby qualities have all but disappeared.  We haven't even had to deal with any potty training issues for over a year now!  While Mommy really misses her sweet, happy baby, she is so proud of the big boy he has become.  He is still loving and sweet, but he doesn't always have the time for the cuddling and public displays of affection that Mommy used to enjoy.  Mommy can still tell that he is so happy to see her after a long day at work and school because his little face lights up, and he wants to tell her all about his day. 


HEIGHT:  40 inches

WEIGHT:  about 31 lbs.  (unsure of exact weight since he hasn't actually been to the doctor for his check up yet)

FAVORITE COLOR:  green (The favorite color of geniuses!) 

FAVORITE TOYS:  transformers and coloring books

FAVORITE CARTOONS:  Transformers Prime and Batman Beyond

FAVORITE FOODS:  steak, chicken nuggets, and fruit

FAVORITE BEVERAGES:  chocolate milk, sweet tea, and ice cold water

Here are some of the accomplishments you have made this year, sweet Evan:


I definitely think there was no mistake in Evan being a boy. He refuses to like anything girlie!  When he goes over to play at his cousins' house, his cousin Emma tries to get the boys to play with her barbies and dress up clothes.  She can usually get her brothers to comply because she does have some control over them as the big sister, but Evan tells her quite assertively that he is a boy and that is not for him.  When he sees certain toys advertised on TV, he says "That's for girls!"  What can we say, he's our boy! 


He loves all sports and has been so excited to start playing real sports.  He has already played soccer and basketball, and T-ball has just begun.  He is very coordinated and definitely shows a lot of skill on the field.  It is hard to tell which sport he may end up being best at.  He grasps the concepts of the games so well.  In basketball, he was way ahead of his age group in handling the ball and shooting.  In soccer, he definitely scored most of the goals.  In T-ball, we know that he is the youngest and smallest on his team, but he does seem to be the best hitter so far.  He also has quite an arm for throwing and loves to play catch with Daddy.  It is so cute to see them wearing their baseball gloves and playing catch together.  Daddy says Evan throws the ball so hard sometimes that he has to say "Owww!" when the ball hits his glove! 


This was one of Evan's first real masterpieces he colored all by himself.  His teacher said he worked on it all day.  He is a slow and careful colorer!  He told Mommy he made it for her.  Until a few months ago, he was not into coloring or doing art.  I would always have to ask his teacher at school why he didn't have any art in his box.  She said Evan just didn't want to do art.  That would make Mommy so sad because she really wanted some pieces that he created.  Finally, he seemed to get coloring figured out so now he loves it.  He would always get frustrated with coloring when it was difficult to stay in the lines, but he learned to be slow and careful and color in small spaces.  He seriously colors all the time now.  He still doesn't always want to do the messier art projects like painting, but I am perfectly happy with my crayon art. 


Evan's teacher still sends home his homework folder a few nights a week so that we can work with Evan on his writing and reading skills.  His homework usually consist of a worksheet, some paper to practice writing his letters and numbers, and a library book to read.  He follows directions so well so we just explain what he needs to do on his worksheets, and he does it.  He is doing well in writing too, but he likes for us to draw the letters and numbers with dots first that he can trace.  At school, his teacher always brags about what a good listener Evan is even when the rest of the class is not listening.  He is usually the first one in line when they line up to go outside.  Even when Mommy arrives to pick him up, he doesn't just jump up and run to her.  He waits for his teacher to say it is okay.  He is definitely going to be ready for kindergarten, I think! 


Evan still loves books.  We read every night.  We are working on letting him read to us.  We point to each word and will read it out loud first and then he will repeat it.  There are many words now that he will recognize and read first.  Dr. Seuss books are really good for this, and he loves "The Cat in the Hat." 


His use of his good manner words (Please, Thank you, Yes/No ma'am and sir) are impressive.  He even reminds his Daddy to use his good manners.  If Daddy doesn't say "You're welcome" after Evan says "Thank you" Evan will go back to Daddy and remind him.  Several months ago, he was starting to use "yeah" more to answer us, but we quickly put that to an end.  He also uses his good manners in the classroom and always raises his hand before speaking. 


Evan loves Jesus and going to church.  He loves the singing and music and likes to go in big church with us.  He also loves to read his Bible stories at home.  We read from my old children's story Bible, but I still struggle with how much to shelter him from.  He just doesn't seem to be old enough for us to explain certain stories like the story of Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son Isaac or Joseph's brothers hating him and selling him into slavery.  He loves to say his prayers and talk to God!



How could we ask for a more loving child?  Evan is always so quick to show and tell us he loves us.  He gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees Mommy and Daddy after a long day at school.  He doesn't give as many voluntary kisses these days, but he gives the best hugs ever.  When Mommy acts like she is sad or doesn't feel well (a lot lately), he acts so loving and concerned and will lay with her and rub her arm or back.  I think he takes after his Daddy!  He is very sensitive, but I think he gets that from Mommy. 



Because Evan has so much love to give, we know he will have no problems giving his little brother lots of love.  He tells us all the time about the things he will share with Brody.  Sometimes he will just gently rub Mommy's belly to show his love to Brody.  I can't wait to begin this journey with Evan!

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