Monday, March 28, 2011

36 Weeks ~ One more month!


I decided to use this picture of me pretending to be a Panthers cheerleader for the 36 week shot.  As you can see, I am quite literally "as big as a house."  And yet, I still doubt Brody has very much room in there to move around.  We wonder if Brody will be significantly bigger than his brother who only weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz.  Mommy felt like she was so big with Evan, but she definitely feels bigger this time...and has the stretch marks to prove it.  Oh brother!  We are all getting so excited to meet this little guy, but Mommy is probably the most impatient. says that Brody is gaining about an ounce a day and may weigh around six pounds now and be around 18 and a half inches long.  Brody will be considered full term next week and will hopefully be moving into the head down position to prepare to enter the world.  I am pretty much just feeling tired all the time now.  I am not sleeping well, I move very slow, my back hurts a lot (not sure if it is Braxton Hicks contractions or just back pain from being so big now), I get short of breath a lot, all food seems to give me heartburn, and I swear I have baby brain!  While all these symptoms are not pleasant, I am so very thankful for this wonderful experience and can't wait to meet this precious little miracle!

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