Monday, February 14, 2011

30 Weeks ~ I spoke too soon!

Only 10 weeks to go!  In my 28 weeks post, I said I was beginning to feel a little better.  I was hopefully optimistic, but then the cold weather must have really got to me because I have not felt so good this past week.  I feel like I have had a cold for over a month now, but this week it seemed to get much worse.  Feeling sick on top of being very pregnant is no fun.  I also stated in my last post that I was pretty sure I would not be venturing on shopping expeditions with Evan by myself for the next couple of months, but I had to eat my words there too.  Valentine's Day duties called, and Daddy had to go handle some fire business on Saturday so Mommy had to answer the call of duty.  After lunch with Daddy, Evan and I ventured to the local dollar store and Target to hunt for some Valentine's goodies for his class party on Monday.  Evan was quite a ball of energy in the stores, and Mommy was exhausted.  She had to make him ride in the cart at Target because she was having trouble keeping up with him. 

I feel like I am as big as a house these days and definitely feel like I am way bigger than I was with Evan at this time.  I also feel like Brody kicks way harder than Evan did but maybe that is just my imagination.  I feel like even my maternity clothes are getting too small.  The shirts don't seem to be long enough this time.  I don't really want to go shopping for more clothes for the next two months, but I am running out of options. 

Daddy has been working away in the baby's room over the last week to finish up his painting tasks.  He finished painting the walls, the big bed that will stay in the room, and the old dresser that will double as the changing table.  He also set up the new crib.  Now Mommy has to get to work accessorizing and washing all of the baby's things.  I really want to have everything completed in the next month before I feel like I can't even move...I am almost there now!

A pregnancy picture and a sneak peek of the nursery:



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