Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

As you can probably tell, Evan adores his Daddy!  He really is one of the best!  He takes such good care of both Mommy and Evan and is just so loving and fun.  Now that Evan is getting bigger and they have so much in common, it is just fun to sit back and watch them play.  Evan loves Transformers now, which is one of Daddy's old favorite toys from when he was a little boy so Daddy loves buying Transformers for Evan and teaching him what they can do.  Daddy loves sports, and Evan has definitely "inherited" that interest with maybe even more enthusiasm!  They have both enjoyed that Evan is starting to play sports now.  Daddy is training him to be a little Wolfpack fan too.  Now, you might think Mommy is feeling just a little bit left out from all this fun, but that is definitely not the case.  Evan and Daddy both love to bring Mommy into the fun.  Evan sometimes has too much energy for just Daddy so he often turns to Mommy for an additional player.  Mostly, Mommy just loves to cuddle and love her two boys, and they don't seem to mind obliging her!  They really have to be the two most cuddly "men" in the whole world! 

For Daddy's special day this year, we continued the tradition of making him a birthday cake.  Since Evan is such a good "secret keeper," I told him we would surprise Daddy with a NC State Wolfpack cake.  Evan would have chosen a chocolate cake, but I know that Daddy's favorite is red velvet so I explained to Evan that we would make him a red cake.  Evan did a good job keeping the secret, but when it sounded like he would reveal the secret and Mommy caught him, he would say, "I was just going to ask Daddy if the Wolfpack were playing tonight."  Ha!  Nice cover up, Evan!

Daddy's "Wolfpack" cake. Evan asked where wolfie was, and Mommy explained that she was not THAT TALENTED! 

The kids enjoyed helping us celebrate after dinner with cake and ice cream! 

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