Monday, January 31, 2011

28 Weeks ~ Feeling A Little Better


Yes, I feel as big as I look!  The back pain is really getting rough.  I also received the letter in the mail last week from my OB stating that my bloodwork did show I was anemic.  I have always been borderline, and I knew that the weakness and dizziness I had been feeling that made it so difficult to even get out of bed could not be "normal."  Apparently, it wasn't too bad since the letter said it should be manageable with an iron supplement and did not require the dreaded IV.  And the good news was that I passed my 1 hour glucose screening test so no 3 hour for me!  My wonderful husband picked up the prescription for my iron supplement right away, and I have been taking it since.  I must be starting to feel better because I actually felt like tackling some housecleaning this weekend!  Plus I even ventured to the mall with Evan by myself...that was quite an accomplishment.  On Saturday, Eddie had to work at the annual home show at the convention center where the Forest Service sets up a booth.  While he was gone, I thought Evan needed to get out of the house so we ventured to "Ol' McDonald's" for lunch and then went to the mall to get some "Star Wars" sheets I had promised him.  He loved playing in the Pottery Barn Kids store where we put together a big outer space puzzle and read a Batman book.  He did complain a little about having to walk, but Mommy explained that we could sit down and rest a minute because she could not carry him.  Overall, he did very well, but Mommy was still exhausted.  Not too sure there will be any more trips like this in the next few least not without Daddy!

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