Monday, January 3, 2011

24 Weeks!


These photographs were Daddy's idea while we were in Charleston, SC for New Year's. 

This weekend, Daddy actually felt the baby kick...and saw it too!  He is kicking very hard now.  Evan stayed at home with his Grandma while we were in Charleston for a wedding so when we got home, Evan got to see and feel the baby kick too.  He thought it was pretty funny!  Mommy is very glad this little one is getting stronger and bigger, but sometimes those little kicks are not so funny.  He is quite a mover though. 

Mommy has also been making a few purchases for the baby too.  She has his bedding already and plans to do his room in more of the classic baby boy blue.  She has also bought him a few outfits but is really looking forward to seeing him in some of Evan's old outfits too!  Now that Christmas is over, Daddy plans to begin some work in the nursery.  We do plan to purchase a crib in white, but we already have a dresser that we will use as a changing table.  It is currently a rich cream color with brass/gold accents and hardware and matches the double bed in the room.  Daddy plans to repaint all those pieces white and update the hardware with something more modern and boyish.  Baby Brody's room will still have the double bed in it so family can still visit us.  We can't wait to begin to put Baby Brody's room together.  Mommy is so excited about how it will turn out! 



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