Saturday, December 18, 2010

Evan's 1st Trophy

So as you may have noticed, Evan's sporting activities have been off to a great start.  Today, he finished up his last day of the YMCA basketball clinic and received his very first trophy.  It has a nice place of honor in his room.  He did very well in his last basketball game where he scored 3 goals and helped his teammates score too.  He has learned so much about basketball and teamwork the last 6 weeks.  We look forward to many more sports adventures with our big boy now!

Evan doing his warm-up exercises.  This is the "blast off" exercise!

He's so serious about the game.  One parent said he was like a little adult!

Playing defense!

The team get their trophys and proudly show them off!

There's our champ!

He was so proud!

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