Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Story

 So last Christmas I felt it was the best time to really start teaching Evan the true meaning of Christmas.  I purchased a movie based on Max Lucado's "The Crippled Lamb" because I thought the story plot would interest him as well as provide a beautiful telling of that first Christmas night. 


We cuddled up on the couch and snuggled while watching the movie together.  I remember he sat very quietly through the whole movie and did not provide a lot of "commentary" or questions.  I talked with him a little about the story and its meaning and who Baby Jesus was.  This weekend, I renewed this tradition, and we brought the movie out again.  Early in the movie and story, the poor little crippled lamb is so sad because he can't join the healthy lambs going to a new green pasture so he sets out at night on his own to try to get to the pasture first.  On his way, he is scared and alone and gets himself into a predicament.  He falls and gets his crippled leg caught in a rock or crevice.  While stuck, a hungry mountain lion accost him.  At this point, Evan lets out a sad little whimper and says he doesn't want to watch.  It is funny sometimes how he isn't "scared" over the usual scary stuff (he seems to know that stuff isn't real), but he gets so heartbroken if he thinks someone will get hurt.  Anyway, I snuggled him near to me and said "Just wait, Evan, and see what happens.  Everything will be alright!"  Sure enough, the brave and kind "Good Shepherd" comes to the rescue and fights off the mountain lion.  I think this part in the movie turned out to be the best teaching tool because I explained that Jesus is our "Good Shepherd" who protects us like the poor little lamb.  The rest of the story and movie are beautiful as well, but I just loved this moment with Evan! 

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