Monday, November 8, 2010

A Special Conversation

So Evan and I had a nice and interesting chat on the way to school this morning.  Oh to think like a 3 year old!  We started our discussion with one of Evan's favorite topics...SPACE!  He loves anything about outer space, and he knows so much already.  He was talking about how hot the sun is and how we can't be too close to the sun or we will burn up.  Then, he said we would be too cold on Jupiter.  Of course, on Earth we are just right!  Anyway, then he remembered "seeing" Jupiter in the sky the other night (a couple of posts back).

Evan:  "How did people get Jupiter up in the sky, Mommy?"

Me:  "People didn't put Jupiter in the sky.  God did it!  He put all the stars and planets in the sky."

Evan:  "I didn't know God could fly."

Me:  "God can do anything!"

Evan:  "But I didn't know God could fly." 

You have to love these teachable moments as parents, right?  They are wonderful opportunities to enhance their little minds.  I could just see his little mind working away as he pictured a superhero like figure of God wearing a cape and flying through space! 

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