Saturday, October 9, 2010

More about our growing family

Well, since Evan broke the news to you, I guess I need to follow up with more details.  I had my second doctor's appointment this week to talk to an OB nurse about my medical history, etc.  At our next visit in a couple of weeks, we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.  Evan will probably go with us.  As you could tell from his post, he is pretty excited about the new baby.  Ha! 

We found out we were expecting this little angel on August 28th but wanted to wait a while before sharing the news.  Yes, this was planned, and we are amazed how well it worked out!  We had always thought 4 years was a good age difference between children.  We just felt like having another child earlier would have taken some of Evan's chance to be the "baby."  We have just enjoyed him so much and wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.  Evan will turn 4 in March, and this baby will be born at the end of April or possibly even the first of May.  Also, my Spring semester will be over around the same time so I will have more free time for Evan and Baby! 


6 weeks

Mommy Update

Well, I am still feeling pretty crummy most of the time, but I am optimistic that things are going to get better very soon.  I have been feeling pretty lightheaded and nauseated most of the day and about the only time I feel remotely okay is while eating.  I try to snack a lot to keep from getting sick, and mostly, that has worked.  With Evan, I had bad morning sickness and carsickness and actually got sick about everyday for the 2nd and 3rd month, but this time, I have managed to keep myself from actually getting sick although I feel worse most of the time.  I guess that is the tradeoff, huh?  With work and school, you can imagine that doesn't lend a lot of time for rest and recovery so I am dealing the best I can.  Evan and Eddie are very helpful in just making me smile and keeping my mind off the bad stuff.  Smells can be pure torture sometimes.  I don't remember this symptom with Evan, but maybe I just blocked it from my memory.  If I am not eating, I am usually sucking on a preggie pop, a jolly rancher, or chewing gum.  Hey, whatever works, right?  Oh and yes, I feel like I am gaining weight super fast this time!  :-(

Baby Information

Due Date:  April 25, 2011
Baby's Sex:  Unknown
Baby's Size:  About 2 inches
Baby's Age:  almost 12 weeks

Last weekend, we put Evan's new "Big Brother" shirt on him that we ordered from a local dealer on Etsy and had a little photo shoot in our yard.  It was a pretty day for pictures, and the fresh air seems to help me feel better.  Thank goodness for cooler weather!  Here are some more of the gems we got:

Almost 11 weeks


So sweet!


Happy Boys!

Our Family

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