Friday, September 24, 2010

30th Birthday Celebration!

While I didn't have the big 30th birthday party that I thought I might have, I did spend it with the two people who mean the most to babies!  I love my sweet boys!  They really made my birthday special.  We spent my actual birthday at the beach since it was on Labor Day weekend, but once we got home, Eddie and Evan surprised me one night with a sweet chocolate cake with raspberries on top that they made especially for me.  I know, I am so lucky!  They also had some beautiful flowers for me to cheer me up since I had experienced quite a shock the day before with the loss of my little doggie, Jingles.  I am still sad about that, but he stayed with me so long that I really can't complain.  He is at rest in his own little back yard with a sweet little memorial stone reminding us of him everyday. 

Mommy's special birthday cupcakes at the beach.  Daddy forgot to bring matches to light the candles.  :-(

Chef Evan and the cake.

Showing off his masterpiece.

Helping Mommy blow out her candles.  What more could she wish for?

Mommy with her beautiful flowers.

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