Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Evan's Wish List

So Evan has started making his Christmas list.  And what does he want? 


It's called a pillow pet.  Yes, I am serious.  The only item he has ever seen on a TV commercial that he has actually said he wanted.  The first time he saw the commercial he was like, "Hey, that's what I need...a pillow pet!"  Ha!  And now he has to have the bumblebee pillow pet.  Why?  Perhaps because his favorite character from Transformers is Bumblebee.  Yes, I think so!

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  1. It's so funny that you posted this! I had never seen them until a week or so ago my husband told me that Coleman (our 17 month old) HAD TO HAVE one of these. I looked them up online at his insistance...not sure I'm sold but maybe for Christmas...we'll see.
    His logic is that my stepson has this large Pooh pillow that has always been his "security" item. We've never seen anything similar to it until these pillow pets showed up :)


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