Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heart of Worship

So despite the fact that we had to take Eddie to the airport this morning (a fact which you may know if you are a Facebook friend) to be gone for about 2 weeks to work on the Gulf coast clean up operation, we really had a nice Sunday.  Evan and Mommy went to our church this morning, and the service was really beautiful.  Our church is pretty large and modern and has a great music program and a lot of talent.  A lot of times, it is so easy to be captivated by the talent and lose a little of the real reason for the service...WORSHIP!  So today, our church decided to get back to the "Heart of Worship" by turning down the lights and sounds.  With just a couple of acoustic guitars and a congregation full of voices, it was really a beautiful and spiritual time.  The sermon was a message about how righteousness and salvation cannot be purchased by our own works or performance but has already been purchased for us by the only one who is worthy and perfect!  He is the only way we can achieve perfection!  This message truly hit home for me because I am a PERFECTIONIST!  I am very hard on myself and am often frustrated when I don't live up to my own expectations which are probably unreasonably high most of the time!  I have to learn that my own works will never be good enough and that's okay because Jesus will make me perfect and righteous before God.  Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this song that we sang today, and I hope you do to! 

Video:  Heart of Worship

After church, we had lunch with Uncle Paul and Aunt Jessica's family and then we ran some errands.  When we got home, Mommy made Evan some yummy banana bread because his bananas were going bad.  He seemed to appreciate that little treat!  We hope you had a wonderful Sunday too!

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