Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So who thinks Toyota needs to APOLOGIZE?

Haha! So as more of these stories keep coming out on the news, my husband and I get into discussions about what Toyota should do. From the start, we were like "Doesn't anyone read Tom Clancy anymore?" He kind of predicted this, except in his books, our lovely government didn't let it go quite so far and hurt quite so many people before anything was done. Hell, we practically went to war after one accident, and it wasn't really even from a real defect in the car!

Anyway, I just have to wonder why Toyota seems to think Americans are so stupid. I mean, I could see them trying to make one or two people believe they let their gas pedal get stuck under their floormats and didn't think to check, but they are still trying to stick to that argument! Well, I never bought into that. I just think things would be so much better for their company if they would just 'fess up and apologize and start letting their customers return their vehicles. Then maybe they wouldn't lose their loyal customers' trust in the long haul! We teach our children to say those two simple words so why can't CEO's of Fortune 500 companies do the same!

Let me help you just a little Toyota:


Oh, and does anyone else consciously try to stay clear of any Prius automobiles on the road or is that just me? I seriously was behind one just this morning and wouldn't pass them even though they were going super slow because you just don't know when they will suddenly accelerate to 90 miles an hour and ram you. Well, they would probably be hurt more in the accident since their little car would probably go completely under my Jeep, but I still don't want to be in that predicament, do you? Haha!

Is this subject Taboo or am I allowed to address it? I figure I still have free speech and this is my blog so I am chancing it. Hope I don't start World War III or anything! :o)

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