Monday, March 8, 2010


So yeah, I have finally given in and am diving in to the Twilight series. I think I may already be addicted! Is there a helpline I should call? I "heart" Edward! :o)


  1. It's addicting, I know...even if it is kind of crappy at times! haha!

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  3. I <3 Jacob!! :) Which book are you on? It IS addicting, and I made fun of my friends before I gave in to it too :)

  4. The first one, Tara! I told you I just started. I don't want to hear about another man that is better than Edward right now because I don't want to "cheat" on him! Haha! I don't think the guy that plays Edward in the movie was very attractive, but I am making him as attactive as I want him to be in my mind! ;-)

  5. And Tara, if by Jacob, you mean Jacob Black the werewolf, then maybe I don't want to read anymore 'cause I so can't imagine how he can turn out to be more attractive than Edward! :-(


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