Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes, our kid is a genius!

So potty training is still going exceptionally well. How long does it take before you can officially say your kid is fully potty trained? He has been wearing big boy pants every day for going on two weeks with little to no accidents every day! Today, at school, he even took on the role of potty trainer as he instructed a classmate on the potty training techniques.

When a fellow classmate had an accident in his pants, Evan told him: "You need to pee pee in the potty not in your pants. You need some new ones." Then, he proceeded to open the diaper cabinet, found the kid's name (yes, he reads his name and the other students' in his class correctly, mind you!), and pulled out a pull up for the kid.

I know...he AMAZES us too! :-)

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