Friday, January 22, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub, Dinosaurs in the Tub!

Well, Evan and I had a great "date" night together. Daddy is in the mountains again finishing up a project for Uncle Paul. We sent him alone because we know he can work more efficiently without us around. :o)

Our night started when I picked Evan up from school! I love this special time and usually try to sneak up on him in his classroom to see what he is up to. Today, he was sitting sweetly and quietly on the floor playing with a puzzle while the rest of the room was in chaos because the 3's and 4's had joined their class for a while. I love my kid!

He looked up and grinned really big and said "Mommy!" as if I was the best part of his day! The feeling is mutual, sweet boy! After saying goodbye to his teacher and friends, we headed out. He asked where Daddy was, and I avoided answering that question until I knew he wouldn't throw a fit. I told him he was going to have Mommy all to himself tonight, and he was satisfied. We got home, and Mommy took care of some household duties while he went potty! Yes, he is doing very well now with number 1 and 2! When he finished going potty, he wanted to redress himself. He put his pants on, but I soon realized he had put his jeans on completely backwards. Ha! The little back pockets were in the front. That must have felt weird. Then, he proceeded to put his shoes on. He got one on but of course it was on the wrong foot. His daddy has actually taught him his left from his right so that when you tell him to turn left or put his shoe on the left foot, he knows which one. That is pretty amazing to me since I still have trouble with this sometimes! Haha! Anyway, when we finally got his pants and shoes straightened out, we headed out to his favorite fast food joint, good ol' Wendy's! It amazes me that he loves Wendy's so much when they do not have play places, but I am not complaining since Wendy's does have reasonably healthy options. He helped me order and then ate all of his chicken nuggets, oranges, and drank his milk (yes, chocolate). He kept me so well entertained as we ate chattering about washing his hands, pointing out letters he recognizes now on signs, etc. He is doing so well recognizing letters he is learning in school!

After we finished eating, I just had to reward him for being so smart and good so I bought us a milkshake! He drank his faster than me! :o)

When we got home, we decided his dinosaurs needed a bath! Yes, this was my clever trick to get him into the bath tub, but he loved the idea! We made lots of bubbles, and he and the dinosaurs enjoyed playing in them. His dinosaurs apparently like eating bubbles! After washing him, I let him play a little while in the tub. After a few minutes, I heard "Mommy, look what I made! I made pee pee!" I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to find him climbing out of the tub to show me he had pee peed in his little bucket he plays with! He is such a boy! He climbed back into the tub while I washed out his bucket.

When he finally got out of the tub to dry off, we decided his dinosaurs needed to brush their teeth. So we all brushed our teeth together!

Here are a couple of cute pictures I snapped on my cell phone of the dinosaur bath and teeth brushing:



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