Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letters, Letters, Letters

Evan never ceases to amaze us with how quickly he learns new things and how well he retains information! His memory is awesome! Could I bottle some of this for me because my memory is horrible? Seriously, I can't remember what I did yesterday if I don't write it down! At work, I have instituted a whole system for logging in notes so that I can "remember" what I have done in cases! Yes, it is an AMAZING system, and I could not survive without it! :o)

Anyway, Evan has been learning different letters every week at school. He learned to recognize his written name quite a while ago so that he could find his cubby at school. He also went the extra step of learning all his classmates' names too! The first letter he really started recognizing when he saw it on signs was his "E". He will yell out "I see an E!" when he spots it anywhere. Last week, his teacher taught them "W". Last Friday night, when we were eating dinner at a restaurant on the way to the mountains, he blurted out, "I see a W!" I said, "Where?" He said, "Right there." and pointed to a window across the restaurant. I leaned over to get his point of view and saw a Waffle House sign out the window! So smart!

On Sunday, we were eating lunch at another restaurant, and Daddy decided to use his french fries as a teaching tool! Evan actually made his "E" with french fries and made a very good attempt at making his "W"!

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