Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Few More Pictures from the Weekend

I saw this little piece of art at Evan's school and just loved it!

Evan has finally found a favorite stuffed friend. He got this puppy from Mommy's school and Mommy actually wanted to keep it put up for him so it wouldn't get messed up, but Daddy let him have it! :-( But it is so sweet how he loves on this puppy and wants it to go everywhere with him. In the car, to school (I do convince him to leave it in the car), in the bathroom to watch him go potty, take a bath, and brush his teeth, and especially to bed. He always wants to make sure his puppy is taken care of!

Mommy gives Evan his first haircut with the new clippers. We actually snapped this picture right after we started while he was still happy. That didn't last long!

Uncle Paul shows Evan and Lanny how to play Wii mini golf! They both liked to just hit the ball as hard as they could and get it in the water!

Christmas/New Year's with Grandma Connie! Mommy, Aunt Jessica & Emma took her out for a girls' day to get her hair cut, go shopping, and have a nice lunch at the Thai restaurant, a favorite for Emma. Emma's old au pair was from Thailand!

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