Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thank you, Christmas overachievers!

Really, we do mean it! Thank you!

About a week after Thanksgiving, we were beginning to think no one in our neighborhood was going to decorate for Christmas! I have a toddler for crying out loud! He wants to see some Christmas lights, people!

Ah, finally! Some people started putting up some lights...and then, BAM! The guy who can never be outdone at Christmas made his debut! We actually saw him outside his house putting up the lights as we were driving home one night, and we had the windows down to allow Evan to see all the lights more clearly. As we passed this house, I was in the middle of saying, "Now, there's some tacky lights for ya!" when I realized my window was down, and the guy was actually outside hanging up the lights! Haha! Open mouth, insert foot! :o)

Here are some of our favorite lights in the neighborhood:

Can someone please help me? Is that a menorrah in his window? My eyesight is terrible these days! I just want to make sure that if I meet him on the street, I can wish him a Happy Chanukah instead of a Merry Christmas!


This one makes the cut because Evan likes their little choo choo train!

This one might get the award for "tackiest" this year because of the way he just threw the lights up in the tree! Looks like it got struck by lightning and is still on fire! Do you think I should knock on their door and tell them their tree is on fire? :o)

Drum roll, please! And the winner of the 2009 Best in Show in Cameron Wood goes to:


Evan really does get so excited when he sees Christmas lights, and the tackier the better! We may have to go all out next year, but this year since we are new to the neighborhood and still trying to make a good impression, we stuck with our traditional wreaths and white lights.

And here is our simple, yet elegant, Christmas display:

I know, it needs a lightning bolt tree! ;o)


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