Thursday, December 31, 2009

Au revoir, Hasta la vista, Arrivederci, 2009!

And in other words, "Goodbye!" You will be missed so dearly! When I think back and read about all the happy memories you gave to me, I feel so blessed! How could so many good things have happened to one person in one year? Amazing! Miraculous!

So how do I end an incredible year on this blog?

Well, I have decided that the most appropriate way to end this year of blogging is with a prayer of thanks and supplication for continued blessings in the coming year! Here goes:


Dear Lord,

You have blessed our family so much this year with steady jobs (in the midst of economic chaos), a beautiful new house, happy vacations, great health (even in these times of swine flu epidemics), many happy and cherished memories together, and most importantly, Your love and mercy! Thank You with all my heart!

Although we may have had our trials and tribulations this year, I honestly cannot remember much about them! There are just too many good things to remember! Thank You for no regrets!

Tonight as we welcome in the New Year with our precious family, please help us to look forward to the coming year and all the treasures that await us! It is so easy to dwell on the past when the past is so pleasant, but You did not create us to dwell in the past! You created us to move forward each day to accomplish Your will for our lives!

With thankful and grateful hearts, we ask all these things in Your name, Jesus! Amen.

Here's to a better year than ever! May God bless us all!

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