Friday, June 19, 2009

Evan's 10th Month ~ Playing with all his new toys from Christmas!

January of 2008 was unseasonably warm leaving no expectation for snow, sadly! We enjoyed watching Evan play with all his new toys from Christmas and perfect his "walk." He also started saying some words this month, including mama, dada, and ball!

Here are some random pictures from this month:

So cute dressed for church in his argyle sweater vest and cords!

Riding his new lion!

We got big smiles this month!

You gotta love this face!

Sitting on the hearth with all his toys!

He added a few new toys to his bathtime fun thanks to Aunt Naomi!

Still being Grandma's baby!

Evan loved using his new Lion walker and was getting pretty good on his feet.  I love the sounds he was starting to make as he learned to talk too!

Evan actually learned to wave and say "hello" before he learned to wave "bye bye"! He hated "bye bye" because he didn't like for Mommy or Daddy to leave him! So sweet!

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