Monday, October 17, 2016

Simple September {2016}

Last year's September post was labeled "sensational."  I think this year's is more aptly titled "simple."  We didn't travel or go on many exciting adventures this month, but the simple month was actually very nice and much needed.  Of course, with the older boys' busy schedules playing sports and other activities, we still felt we didn't get a lot of opportunity to slow down.  September was also still fairly hot here.  I get annoyed a little that we don't enjoy our yard more because it is either too hot in the summer or too wet and yucky in the Fall.  We don't have as much natural shade at this house either which we really miss about our Charlotte house.  Oh well.  We definitely know what to look for in our next home.  Haha!  For memory's sake, September is deserving of a post so here goes:

 photo September1_zpsghkhahdq.jpg
Mattox and I started the month off watching some toons and napping on the floor.  Okay, maybe that was just him.  I tried to get him to lay down with me, and he refused.  Then, he passed out on the floor.  Sigh. 

 photo September24_zpss10tyxvh.jpg
We went to see Brody's end of first quarter Eric Carle class presentation.  The first group did Brown Bear Brown Bear and then Brody's group did The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He was the one little apple the caterpillar ate first. 

 photo September25_zpspmiszwol.jpg
Then, he read me some of the books he wrote. 

 photo September2_zpss8qu4opj.jpg
The boys wanted pictures on the Pokemon ball on a trip to Target.  Our area really got into the Pokemon Go craze. Sigh. 

 photo September3_zpsyejvrnc8.jpg
I just love watching this little guy sleep.  I also did a much needed closet clean out and got rid of this big bag of old clothes.  Whew, that felt good! 

 photo September4_zpsbczuligo.jpg
The boys and I enjoyed a doughnut treat for my birthday on Labor Day. 

 photo September5_zpsdajef2nt.jpg
And yikes, I celebrated my 36th birthday.  These sweet boys and my chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory made it all better.   They also took me shopping, and we all got some great deals on new clothes we needed. 

 photo September6_zps7fp59svl.jpg
Mattox went to his first library story time.  He loves exploring around the library. 

 photo September7_zpsqio2nopo.jpg
Oh this kid.  He loves movies and CDs.  

 photo September8_zpsjah6f6lj.jpg
We will try to capture the memories of Evan's football games in a future post, but Brody passes the time by taking selfies and working on his photography skills. 

 photo September9_zpsxfyochfc.jpg
Daddy and I enjoyed a date night at the Darius Rucker concert.  It was such a special performance.  I have loved his voice since the 90's when he was the lead singer of his band, Hootie & the Blowfish.  He sang a lot of his old songs from that period as well as his newer country songs.  He also did a moving tribute to the USA in honor of September 11th the next day.  

 photo September10_zpsiyx1jp45.jpg
The boys got in one more pool day before the end of summer, and Brody captured some pictures at lunch that day. 

 photo September11_zpstxrgdw8v.jpg
My handsome boys wore their matching red, white and blue on September 11th.  

 photo September12_zpsivclkwib.jpg
I enjoyed a little lunch date with these sweet boys, and Mattox loved eating big brother's ice cream cone.  He is so thankful Brody doesn't like the cone. 

 photo September13_zpsaiqrrvd7.jpg
Selfies and playtime.  Eddie and I were laughing so hard checking out some videos Brody had taken of himself singing and saying silly things.  He is a mess! 

 photo September14_zpslzxaun1x.jpg
Evan and Brody do really love each other.  Brody gave his big brother the biggest hug for teaching him to play Minecraft on the Wii U.  He became quite addicted that month.  Sadly, he broke the disk recently so he won't be playing Minecraft for a while.  I had two little men sharing my bed while Daddy and Evan were camping.  Mattox is my little helper who loves to sweep.  He loves a broom or vacuum cleaner. 

 photo September15_zpsgyrp5gyt.jpg
We did dress like pirates for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  We were going to go get free doughnuts, but I just didn't feel like going by myself.  Daddy and Evan did go later that evening although they didn't dress up.  

 photo September16_zpsc5dacf51.jpg
And we had to go see a movie while the boys were out of school on break.  We finally got to see Ice Age:  Collision Course.  The boys love all of those movies.  Even Mattox did pretty well during this movie.  He sat in his own seat and ate his snack until Daddy arrived.  The movie theater was nearly empty except one other group.  That is always a plus when you take small children to the movies.  I don't feel so bad about letting him get down and move around a little when he gets restless if other people aren't around.  

 photo September17_zpsdhloli2a.jpg
We went to double story times at the library for both Brody and Mattox.  Mattox loved dancing with big brother and seeing the bubbles. 

 photo September18_zpsssnrcakz.jpg
We got the boys dental check ups completed.  Both appeared to be doing a great job taking care of their teeth.  I have been expecting we would need to start thinking about braces and orthodontics for Evan ever since he was a baby, but he may surprise us.  His teeth seem to be coming in straight as he has gotten in his permanent teeth.  We were especially worried after he was such a long thumb sucker.  Brody had a baby tooth that wasn't coming out on the bottom and already had the permanent tooth in behind it.  We were worried it would need to be pulled, but they wanted to wait a little longer.  Thankfully, the tooth finally came out this week.  Whew, we dodged that bullet! 

 photo September19_zpsqi7pno5w.jpg
The dentist office had a fun little kids' area that Mattox and Brody enjoyed while we waited. 

 photo September20_zps7i6ra0dw.jpg
These boys always enjoy a good ice cream treat. 

 photo September21_zpsg5mfgdja.jpg
We took our big Cub Scout Webelo to get his new uniform, and the boys loved the Boy Scout store.   Mattox looked so cute in a Cub Scout hat.  I suspect Brody will be a Tiger next year.  It could get crazy having two boys in Cub Scouts. Evan will be in his last year then. 

 photo September22_zpsxlapqmm0.jpg
We went to eat lunch with Daddy at The Flying Biscuit Cafe which serves breakfast all the time as well as other yummy options.  I hadn't been to one since we moved from Charlotte and forgot they do kids' eat free.  It was a nice surprise. 
 photo September23_zpsznuvcrh9.jpg
Mattox enjoys hiding behind our pillows.  I am pretty sure I have an old comparison picture of Evan and Brody sitting on Daddy.  I need to find that. 

 photo September26_zpscn5ffvn7.jpg
After dinner, these boys wanted to go for a walk/ride around the neighborhood and to play outside.  It was just so nice outside that night that we didn't want to go in.  Daddy and Evan were at football practice.  Mattox loves to drive his car, and Brody was practicing his basketball shooting. 

 photo September27_zpsb1ffhxsi.jpg
Mattox checking out the basketball goal. 

 photo September28_zpskuo5oeth.jpg
He also tried out the tricycle. 

 photo September29_zps8vgmpv56.jpg
And big brother tried out the little car, but Mattox wasn't too happy about that. 

 photo September30_zpssre9jhhl.jpg
For our last end of break adventure, we took the boys bowling.  It had been a long time since we went, and Evan missed it.  He bowls like such a big kid now.  Sigh. 

 photo September31_zpssrx7cqnp.jpg
My boys enjoying a fun night together.

 photo September32_zpsytit0ywz.jpg
Evan got his first spare of the night and helped little brother.  Apparently, you have to hold the ball stand firmly or it will move when you push the ball. 

 photo September33_zpsu0x0i3r3.jpg
Brody got a spare.  Mattox just liked the ball return.  Sigh. 

 photo September34_zpsnhhziqfc.jpg
Daddy helping Brody, and Evan bowling another great shot.

 photo September35_zpsmbhca369.jpg
These were the scores for the second game in which Evan started struggling towards the end.  I think he was getting tired.  I wish I had taken a picture of the first game's score.  Daddy did finally break 100. 

 photo September36_zps3sx2qrvj.jpg
Evan and Brody enjoyed a fun game of air hockey while Mattox enjoyed all the bright lights. 

 photo September37_zpsgqhnon1j.jpg
Mattox loved helping Brody drive the race car. 

 photo September38_zpsyxp4bhck.jpg
And big brother Evan was awesome to win this little dog from the toy machine.   Love those smiles!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Grayson ~ Week 30 & A Special Photo Shoot

 photo 30 Weeks_zps4owrdc08.jpg
Taken overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Asheville, NC.


Whew, what a crazy whirlwind family you are going to be joining!  Our schedules with two very busy older brothers and one very busy toddler keep us running, and Mommy never feels like she gets to catch her breath or get caught up.  We made it to 30 weeks last week while Mommy and Daddy and big brother Mattox enjoyed a little time away in the mountains.  I couldn't explore as much as I would have liked, but the setting around our hotel was just so beautiful and relaxing.  The weather was pretty perfect too.  We weren't too happy about coming home to a hurricane (Matthew) and power outage last weekend, but we were glad to be with your biggest brothers again.  Big brothers got a day out of school on Monday because of the storm, and on Tuesday, we allowed them to stay out so that they could join us on a very special outing to see you.  And you did not disappoint.  You put on an amazing show for us all and showed us your spunky and adorable personality.  We got so many amazing pictures of you...116 to be exact!  I narrowed those down a little to share here.  Your first photo shoot was by far the most successful of all of your brothers' and sister's.  I think that may be due to the fact that you are still in the breach position and that you still seem to have adequate space to move around although I am not sure how that is possible.  I guess Mommy has already been stretched out by your brothers and sister.  We hope you can turn around and get into birth position in the next few weeks so we won't have to worry about getting you out safely.  Thank you for allowing us to glimpse your adorable face and for being so cooperative, little man!  It looks like you will be a mover like big brothers Evan and Mattox.

And I did not intend for this post to be posted during the month that we acknowledge Pregnancy and Infant Loss or the day before October 15th which has been designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, but I have come to realize the true miracles that these precious little ones are after experiencing our own loss of our precious daughter, Mattie.  Grayson, you will grow up knowing that you have a big sister in heaven watching over you always.  Her pictures will always be present next to yours and your brothers.  She will be a part of your life from the beginning because she is so much a part of who your family is and why you are here.  You are each our precious miracles and gifts from God, and we will always love you.  So I guess seeing your precious face this month and awaiting your arrival just helps remind us that all babies are precious little miracles.

I just love all of these pictures of your beautiful face and its many expressions:

 photo Grayson1_zpssksnefje.jpg

 photo Grayson2_zpstnlwozfl.jpg
You did have your arms up in front of your face, but you moved them to show us some of your sweet facial expressions and features.  

 photo Grayson3_zpsf0kfzkfw.jpg
Watching you open your mouth I wondered if you were trying to tell us something. 

 photo Grayson4_zps3tscaakv.jpg
You do have awesome pouty lips like your daddy and big brothers. 

 photo Grayson5_zpsbvclwurj.jpg
And maybe some chubby little cheeks. 

 photo Grayson6_zpsprk2htkl.jpg
You may like to hold and play with your ear like big brother Mattox. 

 photo Grayson7_zpssexjeggn.jpg
There may be a little of mommy in you too. 

 photo Grayson8_zpselugl8hk.jpg

 photo Grayson9_zpsr7opwf5m.jpg
Very flexible like all of your siblings.  Poor babies have to fold in half with your feet touching your heads. 
 photo Grayson11_zpsrlkyftxc.jpg
Pretty lips. 

 photo Grayson12_zps0k3zbtgx.jpg

 photo Grayson13_zpsin6pmof7.jpg

 photo Grayson14_zpsergccvh6.jpg
But you do have a temper.  I have definitely seen that face before. 

 photo Grayson15_zpsev48vzkw.jpg

 photo Grayson16_zpsu7lcowlg.jpg
A lip pucker or a snarl. 

 photo Grayson17_zpsequx5xvx.jpg
Sweetness with your head tucked against your chest. 

 photo Grayson18_zps64pycgic.jpg
Resting against your little hand. 

 photo Grayson19_zpsp9qgqf2y.jpg

 photo Grayson21_zps5ms6yawd.jpg
No more pictures please. 

 photo Grayson22_zpsksuskwft.jpg

 photo Grayson23_zpsesjhvuar.jpg
Telling us something. 

 photo Grayson24_zpskngcpolg.jpg
Hand block. 

 photo Grayson25_zpsxonexw1n.jpg
"But I'm tired!"

 photo Grayson26_zps4iost1tf.jpg

 photo Grayson28_zpszxfzhxbo.jpg
Could be a smile but probably more like a grimace. 

 photo Grayson29_zpsmntqpi6q.jpg

 photo Grayson30_zpsreewnily.jpg

 photo Grayson31_zpsznxvl6qs.jpg

 photo Grayson32_zpsommpdksy.jpg
Adorable ear just like daddy's. 

 photo Grayson33_zpsgh3z7xef.jpg

 photo Grayson34_zpscdob4yov.jpg
See you soon, little man.  We love you!

 photo ultrasound.collage_zps4agy2h7e.jpg
And of course, a little comparison was needed.  Grayson's pictures were definitely the best with Mattox's and Brody's being next.  Evan was farther along and had a lot of cord in front of his face which made it difficult to get face shots.  I see a lot of both Brody and Mattox in Grayson so I think he will be a nice mix of everyone. 


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