Thursday, June 21, 2018

15 Years of Us ~ 2003 to 2018

15 years!  Man, time flies when you're "having fun" or working hard, breathing, and raising kids.  Haha!  Through the ups and downs and highs and lows, it has been a good life, our sweet love story.  It is still being written day by day, and while I love looking back on all the happy memories, I am also excited about the future of the story as it unfolds.  In the words of the beloved Forrest Gump's mama, "Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get."  (Unless you cheat and look at the descriptions on the box, but who would do that?  Ha!)  So happy 15th anniversary to the man who shares the starring role in this drama-filled love story, and here's to many more.  As has been tradition on these "milestone" occasions, I like to look back at where the journey has taken us:


Our wedding day dawned bright and sunny, and we hoped its perfect weather would be a foreshadowing of the days to come.

Our Honeymoon in Hawaii ~ a romantic picnic for two in Hana, Maui


A Trip to the Big Apple in a very cold January ~ on top of the Empire State Building in the freezing cold! 

Our very 1st Anniversary in our 1st home together! 

About the only picture that exists of us together in 2005 because "someone" deleted all of the pictures off of our new digital camera right after Christmas before I could download the pictures.  Not naming any names here though.  Ha! 

We celebrated Eddie's 10 year high school reunion and the pending arrival of our first baby. 

Our first baby boy, Evan, made us a happy family of 3. 

We enjoyed our first Christmas with Evan. 

Our family Easter pictures became a family tradition. 

We enjoyed Evan's first real trip to the beach. 


We traveled to California to visit Evan's Great-Grandma, Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, and San Francisco. 

We attended my first law school formal. 

Beach time is always our favorite. 

We just loved being Evan's parents. 

Our family grew by one more bouncing baby boy as we welcomed our sweet Brody into the family. 

Christmas was so fun with two boys. 


We attended a masquerade ball for another law school formal. 

We took our kids to Disney World for the first time. 

And we had more fun beach time. 


Sherry graduated from law school after four long years of working full time and going to school at night and being pregnant twice.  She was also almost 9 months pregnant with our first baby girl. 

We welcomed our angel, Mattie Claire, to forever live in our hearts. 


We visited our nation's capital for Spring Break. 

And we finally announced we were expecting our little rainbow baby. 


Our beautiful Mattox arrived. 
Our family moved to Holly Springs, NC. 


Our little rainbow Mattox turned 1. 
We visited Hogwarts and rode the Hogwarts Express.

We visited the Gulf coast of Florida. 
Our beautiful second rainbow, Grayson, arrived. 


We moved to the Savannah, GA area. 
We visited Disney World again as a family of 6. 

Our family just keeps on growing. 

Our baby boy turned 1. 


Our little family is growing and growing. 

And as we grow old together, our love keeps growing too. 
Here's to many more years together and even more wonderful memories to come!   Happy Anniversary, Eddie!  Thank you for putting up with me for over 15 years.

Your devoted wife

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Our Annual Spring Pictures 2018

I am so so so behind, but I couldn't resist getting our Spring pictures edited.  Spring is my favorite time of year, Easter is my favorite holiday, and our Spring family pictures are always my favorites.  I look forward to it so much, I start planning the kids' outfits a year in advance.  I bought them all matching shirts (will this be their last year of dressing alike?) on the end of season online sale at Janie & Jack.  It was just lucky they had all of their sizes in the same shirt.  Eddie and I usually just coordinate with something we already own and rarely get new clothes.  I guess that is pretty typical of parents with four young children.  Yesterday was just a gorgeous day down here in South Georgia so we decided after lunch to head into downtown Savannah and take pictures in the well-known Forsyth Park.  Earlier in the month, this is where the big St. Patrick's Day festivities occurred with the big fountain turning green.  This time, the grass and trees displayed the greenery instead of the water. It was really beautiful and so many people were soaking up the warm breeze and lounging in the soft green grass.  The kids loved running around and playing.  Our yard does not afford them much opportunity for rolling around in the grass.  There was even a wedding getting set up nearby, and I envied them just a little for the beautiful day and setting.  Although not every picture we took was "perfect," I cherish these memories we make together.

My arms are full just like my heart!

I love how much these boys love one another.

He is just too good to me. 

In front of the famous fountain. 

The baby just wanted to look at the water so I was trying to get his attention elsewhere. 

My middle boys are so special.  I think they will have a special bond in life.  Mattox just wants to do everything big brother does. 

Trying to get pictures of all four boys together is tricky.  

Mattox was not being very cooperative. 

Probably the best shots of all of them. 

But these are some of my favorites showing them doing their own things.  Evan just wants someone to wrestle with, but Brody and Mattox would rather pick flowers. 

My biggest boy.  He posed for the least amount of pictures, but they were good ones. 

Oh, the sweet faces of Brody. 

My little Ferdinand the bull picking flowers.  He may be the largest of our boys, but he is the sensitive type. 

Sweet baby Grayson has been enjoying his freedom lately as he explores the world on two feet. 

He really enjoyed "finding" Easter eggs this year. 

Carrying his basket and finding some eggs too.  

He likes standing up better than sitting. 

Oh my sweet Mattox.  Yes, he is exhibiting more of the characteristics of a rambunctious toddler and can get frustrated at little brother sometimes, but he is such a sweet boy with a precious heart. 

He got his big brother Brody's appreciation for flowers. 

He also likes to find Easter eggs. 

Daddy even took pictures of me alone which is extremely rare. 
And I always want our precious daughter Mattie in our family pictures.  She will grow right along with her brothers and would be almost 5 years old now.  

Just a few pictures to capture the beautiful park.  A late frost and colder than normal March killed the azaleas that had been blooming beautifully since early February.  Usually, there would be a ton of colorful azaleas all around the park.  

The mural of Savannah on the local Whole Foods depicts several Savannah icons, including the Forsyth Park fountain in the middle. 


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